Fun App for viewing popular, current and top-rated movies. See fantastic photos of your favorite movie posters and cast. Add likes or dislikes.  Add and read reviews.

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Very special thanks to Vicki Wenderlich for her awesome graphics.

Single service appt book

Alien soccer

The soccer field is under attack. Thank goodness our hero has a blistering shot. Multi-directional scrolling shooter game. Soccer player is attacked by alien spiders. He must kick the ball to destroy the aliens. Tilt the device to move the player. Touch the screen to shoot the ball.

Single service appt book

Designed for those who offer a single service business. This app lets you manage your appointments and client information. It shows your daily and weekly schedule and includes a "quick look" at the touch of any day on the monthly calendar. Each service can be color coded and appointments and client info can be updated quickly and easily. Clients can be reached via email or text directly from the app. You can also include notes and a picture for your client records.

Recruit / Aide

Cool and easy to use utility app designed specifically for Recruiters to help keep track of their connections. Add your list of candidates and companies and link the two easily and swiftly. Update interview process. Call or email directly from the app. Password protected.​

Mobile solutions and games

House Call Helper

For the amazing veterinarians who travel to see their furry clients. Take and keep photos, notes and human information. Includes contact list and grid view. Easy to use and save information. Have you ever been on a house call and didn't quite remember what your fluffy patient looked like. Did it have that cute little stripe on its nose? Was its coat red or dark red? Well this app will save you. Take as many pictures as you deem necessary, take notes. Keep track of the owner's info. Have quick access to pictures and contacts. Have fun!


Tip Calculator with fun controls for determining your tip and total bill. Set tip percentage, tax rates, number of people splitting the bill.